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Born in Washington state in 1996, Chesney made his first cross country move at age 2 to Orlando.  He was a Disney kid, through and through.  Always an athlete, Chesney played baseball and football in Virginia and Texas. 

In seventh grade, his English teacher assigned an essay asking students to set a goal to accomplish something by the age of 16.  Chesney wrote that he wanted to perform in something like Disney's "High School Musical."   This assignment triggered a change.  While he had been in several stage performances even as a toddler, he began more focused training in Houston in the arts. 

At barely 14, he auditioned for the IMTA talent competition in New York under the tutelage of Nikki Pedersen.  He placed 2nd out of all 14-18 year old boys.  It was clear to his family that that they needed to move him to Hollywood.


He then went on to complete high school at Orange County School of the Arts, where his conservatories were commercial dance and musical theatre.  After high school, Chesney took a gap year to audition and perform professionally in Hollywood. Then he realized it was time to go to college.  He decided to continue to study dance at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance.

Chesney enjoyed performing in singing groups Co-Ed, Bittersweet, and New Average.  He starred in several student film projects such as Frat Wars and the Killing Game.  And he danced with both modern and ballet dance companies and freestyled in the outtake trailer for the movie The Wedding Ringer.  In college, his most memorable role was portraying Riff in West Side Story.

Immediately after graduating high school, Chesney danced aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship until COVID-19 crippled the cruiseline industry.  Now home in Phoenix, he is available for creative ventures and projects once again.

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